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  • AccuTraffic
    Internet traffic accident and congestion reports for major markets

  • Advanced EDI & Barcoding Corp.
    Specializing in EDI and barcoding for the transportation, manufacturing and warehouse industries.

  • Advanced Planning Systems Limited
    We provide supply chain consulting services and software together with training, implementation and support.

  • Aljex Software
    Aljex automates the repetitive functions of transportation management and intuitively accelerates work flow like no other software on the market.

  • ALK Technologies
    ALK has helped companies, mobile professionals and families alike successfully adopt transportation and travel technology. Motor carriers, shippers, railroads, logistics companies, and business professionals have turned to ALK for services and products that range from consulting and customized information systems to packaged software solutions.

  • All Cargo Expediting Services - A.C.E.S.
    Software for freight forwarders, warehousers, FTZ operators, duty drawback specialists and claimants

  • AND International
    AND Automotive Navigation Data is leading provider of digital mapping data used for navigation and location-based services.

  • A2 Analytics, LLC
    Software for truckers to monitor various aspects of their business

  • ARCLINE (2000) Inc.
    Arcline (2000) Inc. develops Dispatch Management Software for freight brokers and trucking companies with small to medium sized fleets.

  • Argos Software
    Argos Software has been providing a proven Freight Management System (FMS) to the trucking industry since 1984. Our focus has been “for hire” carriers, contract carriers and freight brokers.

  • AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.
    Reliable and efficient transportation software and third party logistics solutions

  • Artronix Computer Solutions, Inc.
    This along with utilization of cutting edge technologies, allow us to provide our customers with state of the art yet affordable trucking software solutions that will efficiently manage their operations today and tomorrow.

  • Asgard Software Ltd.
    Asgard Software is a software development company focusing on the needs of the Logistics sector. We provide solutions for Freight Forwarding, Transport, Warehousing and Distribution companies seeking to automate their business processes by maximizing the use of Information Technology.

    AsiaCalculator is an online service for importers buying from China and Asia, giving them instant access to sea and air freight quotations, custom duties calculation, for a reliable and easy import costing.

  • Ayers Rock Software LLC
    Ayers Rock Software produces logistics and transportation management systems.

  • Azyra Freight System
    Azyra handles everything seamlessly - from prospects through quotations, customer management and operations to excellent accounting and the best financial and management information system.


  • Bar Code Software Center
    The Barcode Software Center offers consulting services in the area of barcodes and automatic identification.

  • Barloworld Optimus
    Barloworld Optimus provides supply chain management software and consulting services

  • BearWare, Inc.
    BearWare designs, implements and supports the most complete, reliable, economical, and user-friendly freight tracking solutions based on more than a decade of real world experience.

  • Business Management Software
    Software packages for the transportation industry that are simple to learn and easy to use. Written for and tested by real trucking companies.

  • BoxTop Technologies Limited
    BoxTop Advantage is a fully integrated, multi-modal, multi-branch/department, multi-currency, multi-lingual freight management system designed to help businesses improve their effectiveness and increase profitability whilst keeping careful control of costs

  • Bridge Internet Technologies, Inc.

    Bridge Information Technology provides a comprehensive set of services for systems, networking, security and data center challenges. Robust and flexible infrastructures are sought by today's businesses to simplify the technology management processes and reduce risk, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

  • BT Global Services
    BT Global Services is prepared to bring your business all the advantages of a networked, converged world.

  • Butler & Associates
    We're specialists in transportation and Internet load tracing software for intermodal, third party truck brokers, and air freight carriers.


  • C2Logix
    Route Planning Software for the Most Efficient Operations C2Logix provides routing software to plan, maintain and manage your most efficient routes. We have targeted technology to solve your specific needs. What type of Route Planning Software do you need?

  • C-Team Systems Inc.
    20 Years of providing tailored systems, international logistics and document management software for the export and import freight forwarder, shipper, exporter and manufacturer.

  • Cadre Technologies
    Cadre Technologies, Inc. is a leading innovator of integrated, automated solutions for the fulfillment and distribution industries.

  • Capterra, Inc.
    Capterra allows organizations to find the right software by presenting them with all of their options so they can compare solutions and make the right decision.

  • CargoConnect
    Freight tracking status via the Internet for many of the world's airlines

  • Cargo Data Systems bv
    Sprinter 2000 is a Windows program for Freight Forwarders (road, air, sea, rail) and Transport Companies.

  • CargoWiz by Softtruck
    Transportation Load planning -Truck and Container Loading Software

  • CFC Solutions
    CFC Solutions is a leading supplier of fleet, leasing and rental management software for the automotive industry.

  • Cheetah Software Systems. Inc.
    Cheetah Software Systems, Inc. is the leader in real-time logistics & dispatch solutions for delivery, less-than-truckload (LTL), courier and private fleet operations.

  • CMstat Corporation
    Configuration and Data ManagementSolutions

  • Codeworks LLC
    Codeworks is a 3PL warehouse management system specialist, offering full-featured, fully-integrated warehouse and transportation solutions.

  • Comdata Corporation
    Comdata offers an innovative suite of payment solutions. From fuel cards and prepaid cards to payroll services and POS systems, Comdata solutions help businesses with cost control and data management.

  • collectiveData, Inc.
    Collective Data provides fleet maintenance management software to fleets around the world looking to get more out of their investment.

  • Commonwealth Group
    Commonwealth is a rail transportation consulting firm. We have over 75 years of combined logistics experience in consulting, negotiating, contracting, cost analysis, competitive benchmarking, and logistics management.

  • CompuTracker Corporation
    GPS data collectors & Real Time asset tracking by Cellular & Satellite.

  • ConnectShip, Inc.
    ConnectShip is focused on continuing to provide leading-edge, multi-carrier and multi-modal technology that supports most major carriers' products and services.

  • CORE (UK) Limited
    We deliver internet solutions to help you manage your business processes and data and improve information flow and visibility across your extended supply chain.

  • CT Logistics
    We give you the confidence to trust CT Logistics, one of the largest U.S. providers in third-party freight payment, freight bill audit, post audit, and freight software along with transportation management consulting services.


  • DGControl Software
    DGControl is the world's first multi-modal computer program for producing flawless declarations.

  • decision/analysis partners LLC
    decision/analysis partners focuses on supply chain and logistics operations management, information and communications technologies, and postal service operations and management.

  • Derwent Systems Technology Ltd.
    TRADEX 2000 allows the Export Department to automatically prepare the entire range of SITPRO and HM Customs documents removing the time consuming process of typing individual documents.

  • Diagma Consultants
    DIAGMA is a consulting firm in Logistics and Supply Chain Management . Diagma was founded in 1973, grounded in Operations Research and since it's origin has been a pionner in flow optimisation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

  • Digerati
    Digerati has pioneered the development of tariff compliance software. Our trade professionals have a substantial background in customs and world trade logistics. Their knowledge and experience form the backbone of our products.

  • DPSI Solution Inc.
    DPSI is the leading offers of CMMS Software, CMMS Systems, CMMS Solutions, EAM Software, Fleet maintenance software, facility maintenance software for maintenance management. DPSI provides the flexible CMMS software system that can handle all the maintenance management operations.

  • DPS Software Systems Inc.
    DPS has evolved into a technology partner providing a complete set of solutions and services designed to meet the challenges of the Transportation industry.

  • Dynamex Inc.
    Dynamex is North America’s leading same-day transportation and logistics services company, offering a wide range of door to door delivery and distribution for clients of all sizes and needs.


  • Enterprise Technology Alliance, Inc.
    ETA is a transportation software developer, specializing in mid- to high-end solutions featuring sophisticated but easy to use technologies.

  • Eurosoftware
    A complete Italian ERP software for express couriers and logistics

  • ERP Software Systems
    Metasystems is one of the pioneer ERP software providers to offer CRM integrated with ERP Software Package. The integrated CRM helps in managing customers' history, searching customers, tracking customers, contact management.

  • eShipGlobal
    eShipGlobal provides shipping software solutions for businesses large and small across the globe, delivering software as a service (SaaS) with no upfront licensing or subscription fee.
  • Exits, Inc.
    Exits, Inc. offers flexible solutions to assist you with preparing complex export trade and transportation documentation.

  • Export Data Services Management Inc.
    ExportDoc provides the solution to complex international commerce transactions by creating high quality customs, export and shipping documents.

  • Express Technologies
    We provide enterprise software, training, implementation and integration across all areas of asset and non-asset based logistics service.

  • EZ Maintenance™
    Complete software package to track, schedule, and control maintenance. Any equipment, all vehicles.


  • Flagship Customs Services, Inc./Trade 2000
    Electronic interfaces into the US Customs AMS and AES systems, and related trading partner EDI links

  • Freight Brokers Only
    Our software is designed for one purpose only; to provide the best possible management solution for the daily operations of freight brokers.

  • Freightdata 2000
    Freightdata 2000 provides Freight Forwarding Software for Air Freight and Deep Sea, Shipping and Road Transport.

  • Freight Management Systems, Inc.
    Freight Management Systems, a TIA member, has been developing logistics software for freight brokers and transportation companies for more than 20 years.

  • Frontline Software Technology,Inc.
    Trucking software from Frontline is all about quality, reliability and performance. It's engineered with precision and integrity to handle the diverse information technology demands of the trucking industry.

  • Fuel Tax is an e-business application resource developed specifically for small to mid-size trucking firms and independent carriers to file the fuel tax reports required by the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) jurisdictional reporting agencies.


  • GDZ Computer Services, Inc.
    Systems integrator providing turn key solutions for the maritime shipping industry, incorporating our GDZ-ISISTM shipping software package.

  • GENCO Distribution System
    GENCO Supply Chain Solutions provides third party logistics for manufacturers, retailers and U.S. government agencies. Our supply chain solutions provide cost savings and boost efficiency.

  • Global Tracking Solutions, Ltd.
    GTS is a high technology company dedicated to providing applied and developed "off the shelf" and "custom" software products and services primarily to the safety and security marketplace.

  • GPSTrackIt
    Our GPS Tracking Software solution will give you improved customer service, your driver’s routes will be optimized to save gas and also save precious time. All the while reducing your bottom line costs and putting more money in your pocket.


  • Harvey Software, Inc.
    Harvey Software is a leading provider of globally ready multiple carrier shipping software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Harvey Software has been servicing businesses with shipping solutions for over 25 years.

  • Helios and Mtheson Information Technology Ltd.
    Helios and Matheson has helped scores of clients maximize the performance of their IT organizations with a powerful suite of services driven by a seamless global delivery model.

  • HERMES Logistics Technologies
    HERMES logistics technologies develops, markets, deploys and supports innovative software solutions to the Air Cargo industry.

  • HK Systems, Inc.
    We dependably provide appropriate material handling solutions at the product, system and enterprise levels with the goal of yielding long term mutual rewards.


  • Idetrans S/L
    La necesidad de profesionalización de las Empresas involucradas en el comercio internacional, la imperativa premisa de rentabilidad y la reducida capacidad disponible a nivel académico para la formación de ejecutivos competentes y proactivos, abre un fascinante camino de exploración y aportación de soluciones y mejora de la competitividad de nuestros interlocutores y clientes.

  • Import Genius
    Leading supplier of business intelligence on overseas manufacturers and their U.S. customers. By tapping into government records and private data sources, Import Genius makes it possible to find the suppliers for any U.S. importer and the customers of any foreign exporter.

  • Infor Global Solutions
    Infor SCM's Warehouse Management system solution enables you to see what inventory is or will be available, organize work and align resources and labor to satisfy customer requirements, and optimize fulfillment and distribution processes to ensure that products are delivered on time and in full.

  • Infosite Technologies Fleet Management
    We develop fleet management software for the trucking industry. Our dispatch software handles Logistics Management, Truck-Load, LTL, Intermodal, Freight Forwarding, Private Fleets, Fleet Maintenance and Warehousing.

  • Innovative Computing Corporation
    Our Innovative Enterprise Software® is used in hundreds of fleets and dispatches more trucks than any other truckload carrier software system in North America. Innovative Software serves customers of all sizes—including carriers running anywhere from fewer than 10 trucks to over 10,000.

  • INSIGHT, Inc.
    INSIGHT, Inc. provides supply chain solutions and consulting services. Our products are designed specifically to meet the challenges companies face in the age of dynamic business, from cutting costs in supply chain networks to improving strategic and tactical decisions.

  • Integrated Decision Support Corporation
    Integrated Decision Support Corporation is exclusively focused on the design, development and application of transportation software, integrated logistics software and transportation consulting services for the transportation industry

  • Intermec Corporation
    Intermec systems can help you accurately track every item throughout your supply chain and improve efficiency, saving immeasurable hours in cross docking, yard management and pick-up and delivery operations.

  • IntermodalSoft, LLC
    Welcome to IntermodalSoft, LLC. We provide customized technology solutions to both asset and non asset based intermodal trucking companies.

  • Intuitive Information Systems, Inc.
    Intuitive Information Systems, Inc. has been providing supply chain management software and services to the international trade community since 1996.


  • JDA Software Group
    JDA's combination of unmatched services, together with its integrated yet modular solutions for merchandising, supply chain planning and execution and revenue management, leverage the strong heritage and knowledge capital of market leaders including Manugistics, E3, Intactix and Arthur.

  • Jefferson Parker Elek Consulting LLP
    JPE Consulting, LLP is a contract/custom programming shop located in north central Indiana. We can design and create custom applications specifically suited to your business needs. We have extensive experience using the Mere Mortals framework from Oak Leaf Enterprises.


  • Karmak, Inc.
    Specializing in the heavy-duty truck and equipment industry, Karmak supplies advanced software applications to retailers that sell and service heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, tractors, trailers, and equipment, as well as retail and wholesale businesses who distribute parts.

  • Kuepper International (Pty) Ltd.
    Kuepper International is a South African based software development house specializing in the Logistics Industry. We have developed over 100 systems worldwide in the Freight, Courier, Warehouse, On Line Tracking, Banking, Telecommunications and Travel sectors.

  • Kleinschmidt Inc.
    Kleinschmidt provides e-commerce solutions that enhance business operations and help companies maximize existing and emerging B2B technologies.


  • Leonard's Guide
    Leonard's Guide has been serving the industry since 1912 and is the leading provider of print and online directories of North American Trucking Companies, Warehousing, Third Party Logistics, and Air Cargo Companies.

  • Link It Software Corporation
    Schedule, Track and Control Maintenance For Any Kind Of Equipment And Any Type of Vehicle Plus Inventory Control!

  • Livingston International, Inc.
    Livingston International is North America's customs and compliance expert. Over 30,000 companies trust us with their customs brokerage, consulting, freight and integrated logistics needs.

  • LJS Logistics Service
    Freight bill audit and traffic management service. Site includes description of offerings, contact form and demonstration of CROS freight software that compares shipping rates across carriers.

  • Logility, Inc.
    Our award-winning supply chain solutions are designed to provide innovative demand management, optimized supply chain planning, synchronized production, streamlined warehouse and improved transportation management.

  • Logistics Planning Associates, LLC
    PSI PlannerTM, is a reasonably-priced, easy-to-install and use Supply Chain Planning system designed for Windows© operating systems. It features integrated Sales Forecasting, Distribution Requirements Planning, Material Requirements Planning and Master Production Scheduling modules.

  • Logisuite Corporation
    Logisuite Corporation is a leading software provider of comprehensive, user-friendly software solutions serving companies of all sizes within the Logistic & Transportation Industry.

  • Logistics Online Guide Network, Inc. — LogNet, Inc.
    Integrating state of the art information management and communication with dedication and integrity for the transportation industry.


  • MagicLogic Optimization Inc.
    The state-of-the-art in Load Optimization software, and the program of choice for the Logistics Professional.

  • Mandata Limited
    Mandata has a wide and varied suite of products to support transport and logistics businesses so whatever the problem you can be sure we have the answer.

  • McLeod Software
    We are one of North America's largest providers of dispatch and accounting fleet management software to the trucking industry.

  • Melton Technologies, Inc.
    MTI is a leading provider of PC-based trucking software, covering all aspects of fleet management operations, from dispatch operations to billing and settlements to maintenance and driver compliance.

  • Mobile Awareness
    Specializing in Transportation Safety Products that help prevent costly vehicle accidents. Reduce driving risk, limit legal liability, safeguard employees and protect your property.

  • M-P System Services, Inc.
    LoadOptTM is the 21st Century solution for optimized LTL Consolidation for both Shippers and Third Party Logistics providers. It applies state of the art technology to provide fast, flexible transportation solutions.

  • MSR Global Customs Group
    Unmatched in depth and scope in the industry, MSR has been developing, deploying and supporting our world-class International Trade Solutions for more than 25 years.

  • MultiFreight
    MultiFreight: powerful logistics software to support your freight forwarding business!


  • Navigation Technologies / NavTech
    The driving force behind a generation of important navigation services, including: Internet websites, Enterprise/Fleet/GIS solutions and Location Based Services (LBS).

  • Nemsys s.r.l.
    NEMSYS is a consulting company specialized in decision support software systems designed to assist a decisionmaker in solving complex management problems, with special reference to freight production and distribution and to resource management.

  • Neopost
    Neopost is a worldwide provider of mailing machines, postage meters, folding/inserting machines, address printers and software solutions.

  • Netpas
    Netpas Distance is the world's best port distance table supporting more than 11,000 ports and 60 million distances. Neptas distance shows you port position and the shortest route on the e-world map. You can edit the route with your own way and draw another route.


  • OceanWide Inc.
    Oceanwides' on-demand applications for International Trade Management streamline the import and export processes for Insurance, Compliance and Logistics facilitating collaboration between business partners.

  • Object/FX Corporation
    At ObjectFX®, we use the product of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)—maps and map data—as a starting point, and focus on analyzing and presenting dynamic location information to improve operations and decision-making.


  • Pangaea Software
    Pangaea logistics software is the world's fastest growing, on-demand, track trace, order tracking & freight fowarding software designed especially for international freight forwarders.

  • Park City Group
    Park City Group, a trusted business solutions and services provider that enable retailers and suppliers to work collaboratively as strategic partners to reduce out-of-stocks, shrink, inventory and labor while improving profits, efficiencies, and customer service.

  • PCS Software, Inc.
    Express Transportation Management System. Express is the most widely used dispatching system in the transportation industry. In fact, our software dispatches a hundred thousand loads in the US and Canada every single day.

  • PINC Solutions: Advanced Yard Management Systems (YMS)
    #1 solution to gain visibility and effectively manage gate, dock, assets, yard, shipments, and network operations.

  • Pinesoft Ltd.
    Pinesoft provides solutions for mail express and the logistics industry.

  • Pitney Bowes Small Business
    Since 1920, Pitney Bowes has been the world's largest manufacturer of mailing products and the number one mailing hardware and software solution provider of United States Postal Service®. mailstation 2™ postage meter by Pitney Bowes is the most popular small business mailing solution.

  • Profit Tools, LLC
    Fast, flexible, easy to use operations software for trucking companies covering everything from order-entry to dispatch, to billing, and beyond.

  • Prophesy Transportation Software, Inc.
    Fuel tax, mileage & routing, log audit, load planning software for the trucking industry.


  • QuestaWeb
    Integrated suites of web-based software solutions for global trade, logistics, import, and export compliance and management. Complete functionality including Customs clearances, landed costs, HTS Classifier, export licensing, denied party screening, comprehensive product catalog, tracking, event management, and international document repository.


  • Railcar Management, Inc.
    Serving the railroad industry by developing and delivering the best possible information technology services and e-Commerce solutions to railroads, rail shippers, and railcar leasing companies.

  • RailTech Software Systems
    RailTech Software Systems has been supplying the railroad industry with software since 1988.

  • Redberry Software Ltd.
    RedBerry SoftwareTM provides software solutions for International and Domestic Freight Forwarders.

  • RedPrairie Corporation
    RedPrairie delivers productivity solutions to help companies in three categories—inventory, transportation and workforce. We provide these solutions to manufacturers, distributors and retailers around the world looking to reduce cost, increase sales and create competitive advantage.

  • Relex Software Corporation
    Relex provides software and services to help you ensure that your products meet or exceed both globally-established standards and your customers' expectations.

  • Riege Software International GmbH
    A provider of multi-functional and integrated logistic systems for air and sea freight operations. We offer innovative cross border software solutions for the global freight forwarding market.

  • R*KOM
    Our product line is automotive software to manage truck and auto repair shops, gas stations, convenience stores, used car dealers, fleet managers and general retail accounting.

  • Ron Turley Associates, Inc.
    RTA Fleet Management Software handles a wide range of small and large business software solutions for industrial, automotive, school bus and trucking company maintenance, facility and equipment scheduling maintenance, and preventative maintenance.

  • RouteSmart Technologies
    RouteSmart Technologies is known for solving the world's toughest routing problems in the newspaper, postal, public works and utility meter reading operating environments.


  • SABRE Holdings Corporation
    Sabre Holdings connects people with the world's greatest travel possibilities by retailing travel products and providing distribution and technology solutions for the travel industry.

  • Sapiens International Corporation N.V.
    We apply our insurance expertise and rule-based technology, modernizing business processes and enabling insurance companies to adapt to change.

  • Sanderson Australia
    Sanderson is a publicly owned provider of software solutions and IT services. We supply innovative, market-focused solutions, primarily to the multi-channel sales and manufacturing sectors.

  • SEM, Inc.
    Search Engine Marketing, Inc is a professional and ethical internet marketing company based out of Anaheim, California.

  • Shipping Software
    Freight Assistant - software application for companies in shipping and moving business. Rates calculator, bulk mail feature and more.

  • Shipping Solutions
    Shipping Solutions has been helping thousands of export professionals and novices prepare their export documents faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

  • Shippers Commonwealth
    Advanced transportation planning and management systems for inbound and outbound for shippers of all types and sizes.

    The International Cargo Shipping Directory is a meeting place for both buyers and suppliers of logistics services.

  • Signal Computer Consultants
    PC Windows software that enables owners of commercial railroad facilities to easily track rail car inventory in a small yard or short line railroad.

  • Silver Bullet Technologies Logistics Software
    A Global Logistics Software and Freight Forwarding Software Company
    Logistics Software for Freight Forwarding, 3PL & Distribution

  • SMC3
    The SMC³ organization is structured to meet the needs of buyers and sellers of transportation services, as well as the logistics service providers who manage processes for them.

    Optimize Cargo Load Planning — Truck and Container Loading Software

  • SoftShip AG provides complete IT solution including cargo,freight, NVOCC, container control & terminal management software for shipping industry.

  • Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc.
    SSI specializes in innovative e-business solutions for the freight audit and payment industry.

  • Southern Motor Carriers Association — SMC3
    The SMC³ organization is structured to meet the needs of buyers and sellers of transportation services, as well as the logistics service providers who manage processes for them.

  • Starfire Engineering & Technologies, Inc.
    The Engineering Division of Starfire provides Railway focused, state of the art mechanical engineering and design services

  • Streamline ERP
    Streamline, Inc. delivers Enterprise Level Products and Services to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) from a Shipping ERP solution. Built on leading platform, Streamline is the first in a series of products integrated with Award winning to provide a "World Class" Total Enterprise Solution without a large capital expense of traditional ERP systems.

  • Summit Technology Group
    With years of experience in telephony and information technology, that is exactly what we do. We keep it simple: Business + People + Technology.

  • SNX
    Delivering innovative and proprietary bar code software technology to every industry sector


  • Tailwind Management Systems
    Affordable and configured to meet your needs. Powerful and easy to implement. Our transportation software products are proven to reduce costs and increase productivity. Tailwind is known for having the best transportation management software features at the lowest price.

  • TanData
    PC-based client/server software to fulfill our customers' needs in package shipping, mail manifesting, E-Commerce shipping and export documentation.

  • TATEMS - Truck & Trailer Equipment Maintenance Software
    This Easy to use fleet maintenance software program is both simple and powerful. Discover how simple fleet maintenance software can be!

  • Tectonics Business Systems Ltd.
    Developers of Package Plus that is centered around the Traffic Desk, a piece of scheduling software that removes the necessity of typing in jobs over and over again.

  • Telogis — GPS Fleet Management Software
    GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Systems from Telogis enable real-time GPS tracking of vehicles. Telogis enables customers to benefit from fuel reduction and optimizing fleet performance with their OnTrack and GeoBase software.

    Developers of fleet-management software.

  • Tideworks Technology
    Tideworks provides cost-effective and reliable solutions to enhance your terminal's productivity.

  • TOPS Engineering Corporation
    TOPS Engineering Corporation offers packaging software and truck loading software for packaging and distribution professionals.

  • TRADEPAQ Corporation
    A global provider of supply chain and financial execution, workflow, document generation and collaboration software as well as web-enabling technology.

  • Trade Tech Inc.
    Trade Tech specializes in creating software solutions for the international logistics industry.

  • Transcentric
    Transentric, is a supply chain technology solutions provider. We have created messaging solutions and business-to-business applications to transportation operations and inter-enterprise supply chains.
  • TranSmart Technologies, Inc.
    Personalized, route specific, point-to-point real time traffic information and road construction status to your personal computer

  • TransPort for Windows
    Trucking software for the PC environment.

  • Transportation Management Software, Inc.
    An integrated system designed exclusively for the trucking industry.

  • Trans-i Technologies, Inc.
    provider of integrated Web enabled applications for the maritime shipping industry.

  • Trax Technologies, Inc.
    A unique combination of service and technology to provide a state-of-the-art freight payment solution designed for todays complex shipping environment

  • TRINNOS Technology LLC
    TRINNOS Technology develops innovative transportation and freight management systems for non-asset based freight brokers and 3PL service providers.

  • TruckingOffice
    The trucking business software features can help you to enjoy all the things you love about your work, while making paperwork and other tiresome tasks easier to deal with. TruckingOffice takes the hassle out of all those extra chores that come with being a professional driver.

  • TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc.
    Since 1990, TruckMaster 2000 has been the premier trucking software solution for the transportation industry. While you are visiting our site, it is our aim to show you why this is true.

  • TruckStops from MapMechanics is the logistics, vehicle routing and scheduling and territory management hub for MapMechanics. Find out more about our digital map data, strategic analysis and geographic information systems offering at



    Software designed specifically for importers and exporters in an effort to improve business efficiencies in the area of venture tracking, inventory management and associated logistics.


  • WinFreight
    Makers of WinFreight —Software for Freight, Courier and Distribution Industry —User Friendly, Easy to Use




  • Zepol Corporation
    The largest, most current, and most user friendly online U.S. import database in the world.

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